Student Comments

“Laura really embodies what a professor “should” be. She’s in love with what she’s teaching, she presents it with enthusiasm every day, and wants to see everyone there succeed. She dedicates herself to the class and is willing to talk in depth about anything and form relationships with her students. Albeit, she has very high standards, and this may be the first class in awhile I get less than an A in for that reason (hopefully an A, but really close to an A- if I’m not careful). Maybe that’s a good thing, she challenges even the best students to improve. And personally, improve I did.”

“Laura was extremely accommodating, helpful, and approachable.”

“Laura has great dynamic energy and her passion for the subject material is infectious. Since our coursework relates directly to current social issues, she made sure to include photos and discussions representing differing political points of view…I highly recommend her as an instructor. She runs a tight ship and demands a lot from her students.”

“Extremely helpful inside and outside class. Expectations were very explicit and content was presented clearly.”

“Laura was one of the best professors I have ever had and I loved this course. She always encouraged us to think and come up with our own examples and her PowerPoints and real life parallels made it easier to learn. I feel my paper writing skills have also improved thanks to her in depth feedback and extra help she was willing to give on our papers.”

“I thank Laura so much for being a great instructor and showing such care for her students!”

“I REALLY enjoyed this course. I thought the material covered in class was very interesting and I learned a lot about why people act the way they do. The instructor was amazing and really helped me develop my writing skills by giving me helpful and constructive criticism on all my writing assignments. I would definitely recommend this course to others who may be interested.”

“An extremely good teacher, engaging to listen to and had a lot of enthusiasm for the topic. Made it easy to pay attention and want to come to class each week.”

“Laura was a great instructor. She was very helpful and passionate about what she was teaching. I appreciated that she was always willing to talk through new ideas, and encouraged discussion. I have learned so much from this class and I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

“She has been my favorite instructor in college so far.”

“Laura works very hard to make the material easy to understand and remember. She is always asking on ways to improve and encourages questions and critiques.”

“One of the best professors I have ever had!”

“She is very funny and knows how to make the class and material enjoyable. She is also one of my favorite teachers.”